Building explains the advantages of the internet


Net profits

This week, Building gets to grips with the notion of 3D-printed glass and its potential application to construction sites (page 44), writes Hollie Tye. Twenty years ago, another new technology was being highlighted for its future impact on the sector. On 15 September 1995, the internet was being pushed for its ability to enhance construction companies’ profiles through advertising, as well as its communication benefits - without any mention of hashtags, YouTube or pictures of cats.

Reporter James Macneil said: “You have probably heard of it - you may even have surfed on it. One thing is certain, you can no longer ignore it. The internet is rapidly intruding into everyday life. Originally developed by the US military and popularised by academics, the internet - a worldwide network of computer databases linked by high-speed communications - is becoming a hot-bed of commerce. Construction professionals may think surfing the net or riding the system irrelevant to the design and construction of buildings. But, as firms in the US are starting to discover, the phenomenal communications power of the internet can have real benefits. It allows access in seconds to information that, previously, would have taken weeks to locate.”

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