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Tower block refurbishment cost breakdown
 Element cost (£)Cost/flat (£)% of total cost
Works to flats436,6006,93019.65
Removal of existing fittings, extract ventilation and existing plumbing and electrical services; making good openings and disturbed finishes Item @ 16,000
Replacement entrance doors, fire rated; ironmongery 63 @ 270
Replacement hatches to water supply risers 63 @ 180
Provision of trickle ventilation to existing windows Item @ 3,500
Tiling to splashbacks 66 m2 @ 47
Replacement floor finishes to kitchen and bathroom, take up existing non-slip vinyl sheet 540 m2 @ 41
Replacement ceiling finishes to kitchen and bathroom; take down existing softwood sub frame; foil-backed plasterboard; skim coat; decorations 730 m2 @ 35
Replacement kitchen units; worktops and sink 63 @ 700
Replacement sanitaryware; fittings; connections to replacement soil and vent pipes in existing risers, including allowances for fire collars 63 @ 1,250
Mechanical extract ventilation; fans, ductwork; grilles 63 @ 400
Allowance for rewiring generally; small power; lighting; fire alarm; entry intercom 63 @ 1,900
Replacement electric storage heaters 163 @ 320
Allowance for the refurbishment of water cylinder jackets and immersion heaters Item @ 2,000
Allowance for builders work Item @ 16,000
Works to common areas348,2005,52715.67
Asbestos removal; allowance Item @ 8,000
Replacement lobby fire doors; double leaf; frames, ironmongery; door holders with automatic fire release 20 @ 1,050
Replacement single-leaf fire doors to balconies, refuse chute and stair lobby; frames, ironmongery (average rate) 66 @ 640
Replacement access panels to SVP risers; one-hour fire rating 40 @ 130
Allowance for alterations to existing partitions and panels; infilling glazed screens Item @ 6,000
Drylining; two layers plasterboard to achieve one-hour fire rating; to stairwell; emulsion 270 m2 @ 20
Wall finishes; removing existing finish; two coats spray-applied fleck paint 1400 m2 @ 16
Floor finishes; taking up existing finish; latex screed; heavy duty vinyl 640 m2 @ 50
Floor finishes; prepare existing surface; concrete paint 300 m2 @ 10
Ceiling finishes; remove existing finish; emulsion paint to existing substrate 640 m2 @ 10
Allowance for additional decoration works Item @ 30,000
Allowance for signage Item @ 2,000
Replacement soil stacks; removal of existing; core drilling; installation of replacement stack; connections at ground level; fire proofing; height 11 storeys 260m @ 270
Electrical works to communal areas, lighting, fire alarms, containment, door controls Item @ 77,000
CCTV installation Item @ 13,000
Lightning protection Item @ 4,400
Works to the external envelope684,90010,871 30.83
Replacement roofing; single ply membrane; insulation 470 m2 @ 84
Roof level glazed screens; structural glass channels; steel framing 110 m2 @ 140
Allowance for feature roof to lift motor room Item @ 15,000
Allowance for feature aerofoil section to roof screens Item @ 42,000
Overcladding; resin based panel system; cladding rails; insulation; fire stopping 1750 m2 @ 250
Insulated render, including preparatory works 1050 m2 @ 100
Render to soffits 250 m2 @ 50
Allowance for replacement and repairs to balcony sills and handrails Item @ 18,000
Structural repairs174,0002,7627.83
Allowance for surveys and testing for carbonisation and chlorides Item @ 12,000
Cleaning concrete, grit blasting 4500 m2 @ 8
Allowance for localised repairs to damaged/spalling concrete; proprietary repair mortar Item @ 18,000
Allowance for rebolting existing insulated wall panels Item @ 36,000
Anti-carbonisation coating 4500 m2 @ 16
New build works115,0001,8255.18
Entrance lobby; all works in connection with the construction of a two-storey entrance lobby; substructure; steel frame, insitu concrete upper floor slab on metal decking; standing seam metal roof cladding; steel staircase and handrails; architectural blockwork; patent glazing screens with external doors; finishes; lighting and small power; security system 36 m2 @ 2,500
Allowance for alterations to ground and first floor associated with new build lobby Item 25,000
External works63,0001,0002.84
External works within the boundary of the site, including; steel perimeter fence, 2.1 m high; entrance ramp and steps; access controlled vehicle and pedestrian gates; hard and soft landscaping, including parking for 18 vehicles Item @ 63,000
Preliminaries and contingencies400,0006,34918.00
Allowance for mast climber access; 4 elevations Item @ 17,500
Management costs, site establishment, site supervision and overhead and profit
Allow 16% Item @ 291,500
Contingency sum Allow 5% Item @ 91,000
Total construction cost 2,221,70035,264 100
Location factors
Use the factors in the table below to adjust the costs detailed in the model for other regions in the UK:
Inner London1.23
Outer London1.16
West Midlands1.01
East Midlands1.02
East Anglia1.03
Yorkshire & Humberside0.98