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International cost comparison 2017

2017-09-20T07:44:00+01:00By William Waller

Construction markets around the world are experiencing relatively subdued but steady growth. As construction cost continues to escalate in most places, the relationship between productivity and cost continues to draw scrutiny. William Waller analyses the results of the 2017 Arcadis annual survey of global construction costs


International costs 2016

2016-10-27T06:00:00+01:00By , William Waller

Global economic volatility, the UK vote for Brexit and currency fluctuations have triggered big movements in the relative construction costs of world cities

Doha, Qatar

International costs 2015

2015-09-10T11:00:00+01:00By , Kevin Nimoh

Economic recovery in the UK and currency fluctuations have triggered big movements in the relative construction cost rankings of cities around the world

Silhouette construction

Report spotlights soaring London construction costs

2015-01-15T08:00:00+00:00By Jim Dunton

Global survey says prime sites beat ‘most expensive’ Switzerland

Int cost Singapore

International costs 2014


Economic recovery and a strong pound seem to have seen a big move for the UK in EC Harris’ annual rankings


International costs 2013


China, Japan and Australia are the big movers in EC Harris’ annual survey of global construction costs produced with Langdon and Seah. Simon Rawlinson and Magda Skalska-Burgess analyse the trends


International costs 2012

2012-08-03T00:00:00+01:00By Paul Moore

Construction prices are rising in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Qatar, slowing in China and India, and grinding to a standstill across Europe. Paul Moore of EC Harris reports

Beijing Airport

International costs 2011

2011-08-05T00:00:00+01:00By Paul Moore

Things may be tough in the UK economy and construction industry, but how do we compare to other countries? Paul Moore of EC Harris looks at when recovery can be expected, and where

Bahrain World Trade Centre, designed by Atkins. The Gulf state is the most expensive in the region, with prices running at about 11% above the UK

International costs 2010


Now that the great global roller-coaster seems to be slowing down, where has it left tender prices? Paul Moore of EC Harris looks at how economies around the world have fared …

International costs 2009

2009-09-18T00:00:00+01:00By Paul Moore

No country has been safe from the effects of the global recession and even China’s legendary growth is at its slowest rate for a decade

International costs: 2008


As inflation cools in western Europe and the US, it’s roaring away in eastern Europe. Gardiner & Theobald surveys the world and tells us what it sees

International costs: 2007


It’s a suppliers’ market as delivery delays complicate schedules and demand pushes inflation up. Gardiner & Theobald examines global costs and forecasts in this yearly update

International costs: 2006


The 14th annual survey by Gardiner & Theobald examines what it’ll cost to build offices, homes, warehouses and shops around the world - and takes a look at this year’s global price forecasts

International costs: 2005


Gardiner & Theobald’s 13th annual survey looks at how much it’ll cost you to build various buildings around the world, along with labour and inflation rates – plus why China is still the main cost driver

International costs: 2004


Gardiner & Theobald’s 12th annual survey of global construction costs takes a round-the-worldtrip to compare labour rates, building costs, material prices and inflation forecasts

International costs: 2003

2003-02-28T00:00:00+00:00By Gardiner & Theobald

Gardiner & Theobald’s 11th annual survey of global construction costs takes a look at labour rates, building costs, material prices and inflation from Norway to New Zealand

International costs: 2002

2002-03-22T00:00:00+00:00By Gardiner & Theobald

Gardiner & Theobald’s 10th annual survey of global construction costs takes a look at building costs, labour rates, material prices and inflation rates and forecasts

International costs

2001-03-23T00:00:00+00:00By Gardiner & Theobald

Building's annual global costs round-up tackles inflation rates and forecasts, building costs, labour rates and material prices around the world by Gardiner & Theobald

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