Grenfell Tower wrapped

Grenfell Inquiry module two: A look back at key evidence about the cladding materials

The section of the inquiry covering products installed on the tower contained many shocking revelations. Now that it is over, Tom Lowe explains who said what



Why new safety laws could do more harm than good


As increased liability pushes insurance costs beyond reach of most firms, capacity to fix unsafe homes or build new ones will plummet

Time for Timber 5

Greater use of timber calls for pragmatism to keep insurers happy

By Andrew Carpenter

The construction and insurance industries must work together if we are to increase the use of structural timber that is safe and cost effective, says Andrew Carpenter

timber frame

It’s good to talk about flood and fire risks


A new report on risks posed by timber-framed buildings is a positive first step towards greater collaboration

James Dickson - Global Director - AESG

There is a smart solution to management of building safety data

By James Dickson

The impending legislation will require building operators to comply with challenging new regulationsns