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A / Economy at a glance (% changes)
Economy generally  
GDP growth3.1–2
Consumer price inflation6.43.3
Producer prices4.71.8
Average gross monthly wages 3.9 
Unemployment rates13.414.5
Retail sales growth8.4 
Private consumer spending 4.3 
Government consumer spending 49–0.1
Investment (annual variation)5.7–7.1
Exports (annual variation)€9.6bn 
Imports (annual variation)€20.8bn 
Industrial production2.3 
Current account deficit1–9.8–7.1
Interest rates107.5
Construction industry  
Employment (number)101,12099,550
Cement consumption–20–40
Residential construction workload€1.6bn 
Housing starts (number)12,858 (13%) 
Housing completion (number)7,875 (30%) 
Non-residential construction workload€1.9bn 
Total construction output18.3 
Material prices10.6 
1 % of GDP