M&E contractorl installs eco-friendly system at Tesco – powered by rapeseed oil

Birchall has teamed up with retail giant Tesco to power a new £25m Manchester flagship that uses recycled cooking oil.

The m&e company designed and installed an eco-friendly combined heat and power (CHP) unit that uses natural sustainable fuel for the 52 000 sq ft store.

Fuelled by a mixture of rapeseed oil and waste oil as a more energy-efficient alternative to the national grid, the CHP unit has enabled Tesco to not only generate its own power but also use the heat produced from the electricity to heat water and space throughout the store.

Along with a natural refrigeration system that uses carbon dioxide instead of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and a natural ventilation system for more energy-efficient heating, the unit has also helped Tesco reduce its carbon footprint by 70%.

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