This month’s cover features some very important people: the next generation of industry champions

These intelligent, motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds and construction disciplines bring with them fresh ideas, ideals and aspirations. They want to make a difference, and there are many more like them. That’s why it is important that they have a voice in this magazine. I’m grateful to them for agreeing to give up their time to sit on a new panel we’ve set up called the Next Generation.

The new team will sit alongside the more “senior” gang of leading engineers, architects, clients and contractors on BSD’s editorial advisory panel, who help keep us in touch with the sector. We’ll be listening to these future industry leaders too, as they tell us about the issues, topics and people they want to see in their magazine, to ensure it is as relevant to them – if not more so – as it is to their bosses.

The Next Generation bring with them the expectation of not just sitting and listening, but participating, interacting and shaping the future of this magazine and, perhaps, the wider construction industry. As you will see from their comments, their commitment and enthusiasm for the sector is strong. This means they are also best placed to be ambassadors to help encourage other talented individuals to join this exciting sector.

But we need the input of all our readers. We want BSD to reflect the issues and topics you want to read about. So alongside the views of our panels, we’d like to know what you want – the features and information that would help you with your job. Please let us know what you think about the magazine, what you like and dislike and what you’d like to read about in it. We look forward to hearing from you at