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    School buildings crisis: What can the next government do to save our schools and colleges?


    Public capital spending on education was less last year than at any time since Labour’s Building Schools for the Future programme got up to speed 17 years ago. As part of Building’s election focus, Joey Gardiner asks what can be done to stop our schools falling further into disrepair

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    Schools: Hands up if you know the answer


    The James Review team has spent months coming up with the solution to schools delivery - and it looks suspiciously like existing body Partnerships for Schools. The government needs to swallow its pride and accept the verdict

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    BSF legal battle: learn the lessons


    This week’s court fight over the scrapping of BSF should sound a note of caution to the government over its future school building policy

  • Sarah Richardson

    Make schools not war


    The escalating battle between Michael Gove and councils taking legal action over BSF threatens to become a drawn out conflict – the perfect excuse to delay school building further

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    BSF: In defence of Tim Byles


    Some government officials look like they may be attempting to pin blame for the latest BSF fiasco on Tim Byles. If they do, they could be making a huge mistake.

  • Ike Ijeh

    Schools out


    Michael Gove’s attack on BSF has angered the construction industry, but might he have a point?

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    A removeable feast: how long will schools funding last?


    The education sector is one of the areas to have remained buoyant during the recession. Capital funding has increased fourfold since 1997/98, putting it at just over £4.1bn. Altogether, the education sector is providing £6bn a year for construction through public funding and indirectly through the PFI. These workloads are ...

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    Back to schools: building in a recession


    Question one. How can we keep spending billions on school building while struggling with the biggest crisis in our public finances since the war? Not easy, is it? Even a grade A* economics student would struggle with this one.Not many of us are putting our hands up and offering ...

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    What's new in schools


    The £45bn Building Schools for the Future programme proved it’s weathering the recession this week pretty well this week, with two major schemes reaching financial close.The deals - on the first phase of the £2.4bn Birmingham BSF and a £500m scheme in Durham – prove that, despite continuing issues over ...