Cable containment system is made to prevent MRSA

Marshall-Tufflex’s Odyssey Biocide has been designed for use in healthcare environments, as cable containment systems can help prevent deadly infections such as MRSA from spreading.

Odyssey Biocide is claimed as the first three-compartment PVC-U containment system with a curved profile to be manufactured from a material with biocidal properties.

The product has been developed to neutralise bugs such as MRSA, e-coli and salmonella. This is achieved by the addition of a silver-based formulation to the PVC-U extrusion process.

Should the trunking get scratched, Odyssey Biocide continues to do its job, unlike products that are merely coated with a biocidal finish.

The antibacterial agent used in Odyssey Biocide in no way changes the properties, performance or appearance of the system.

Marshall-Tufflex product manager Chris Scott says: “Hospitals that have fitted products treated with silver-based protection have reported a drop in bacteria levels of more than 90%.

“There may even be a good argument for specifying it into any public area with high footfall or the risk of cross-infection.”

Odyssey Biocide has achieved ISO 22196:2007, which measures the performance of antibacterial-treated plastic products.