In response to the discussion on architects' education (4 July, pages 40-41), both the skills acquired and their role in the building team, there needs to be more emphasis on the process of design and construction.
On a recent visit to the Cambridge School of Architecture show of student work, I was concerned about the apparent focus on the product itself and, as ever, on its slick presentation, rather than the means of producing it.

My experience of teaching civil engineering students in Denmark is that they are given a good grounding in the process of design and collaboration and, consequently, that civil engineers have a greater role in the detailed design and management of construction than architects, who are trained in academies. My students were quite capable of understanding innovative processes such as partnering, life-cycle design and the use of models and project extranets.

All schools of architecture in the UK that do not do this should devote some part of the curriculum to the process and to relationships with other building professionals if their graduates are to continue to champion good design in construction.