Are you into social networking?

I must confess to spending a few minutes on Facebook every evening. I don't Twitter yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time …

What are you watching?

I got the Ross Kemp on Gangs box set for Christmas, awesome stuff and the worrying thing is that I have visited most of the places featured!

What are you listening to?

Best of Stiff Little Fingers – reliving my youth ready for their upcoming gig at the Leamington Assembly.

What’s your favourite website?

I have to say my own website, – if you have a party or stag/hen night to arrange, then please check out our hilarious masks and other products.

You can’t say your own site!

Okay, I also like, to keep tabs on the world's greatest football team (West Bromwich Albion).

Dean Walton is sales and marketing director at Alumet