This week - Suzannah Nichol

We are working on making sure all our specialist contractors are ready for the new Construction Industry Scheme when it comes in on 6 April 2007 and this website by HM Revenue & Customs is useful.

We have just started offering a credit checking service to our members enabling specialist contractors to check out who they are working for before they sign the contract!

This is my home page and each time you click free mammograms are funded. The NSCC team ran the Cancer Research Race for Life this year in memory of family and friends.

My previous dog, Tristan, and I spent years visiting the local children’s hospital ward as a PAT [pets as therapy] dog. Tristan’s ability to raise a smile from some very ill children (and their worried parents) was amazing and heart-warming.

I can’t believe this makes it onto my list but I have to click occasionally to confirm this site is real. A site that enables you to send your favourite toy on holiday – you get pictures of teddy enjoying himself on his “full board” holiday – great idea but slightly mad!