This week - Julia Evans

The Office for National Statistics data gives a feel for the numbers that govern our businesses (and lives) and helps the National Federation of Builders position its policy approach.

This must be on everyone’s list. It’s the quickest way to source both general and specialist books and is great for the sometimes wacky “if you like this then you’ll like that” cross-referencing.

Like many chief executives, I have to do a lot of miles and the route finder gets me around when driving. And yes, one day I will invest in sat nav!

As I really detest corporate hotels, this site is essential for sourcing peaceful, great value places to stay.

For all the train journeys I do. None of the train sites is perfect, though: knowing possible routes before you start booking is often essential for success. A previous role in the rail industry opened my eyes to the extent of the rail network and what happens on it while we sleep – WH Auden’s Night Mail got it absolutely right!