Thie week - Peter Marsh

I have an old wooden boat kept on a half tide mooring in Bembridge – this site tells me what time she’ll be afloat and hence what train I need to catch from Waterloo to escape the City.

Within three years I want to cross the Atlantic and I can’t think of a better boat to do it in than a Contessa – the only boat of its class to survive the 1979 Fastnet disaster and recently sailed single-handled across the pond by a 15-year-old schoolboy from the Isle of Wight.

A free video jukebox, great for eccentric Bowie songs and a fab trailer for the movie where Bowie played an alien Bill Gates.

So simple it hurts. This is a great inexpensive online survey tool – great for gauging views on the latest initiative or controversial proposal. It is scary how much early 1970s sci-fi is today’s reality.

The best site for all things housing. I would say that, wouldn’t I!

So, what have I missed? Apple and i-Tunes of course (, John Lewis ( – unbeatable at Christmas – and viamichelen ( for travel routes.