I read with interest your article on the public image of housebuilders and the grillings they receive on consumer programmes such as Watchdog (16 April, page 42).
I own the house with the defective roof shown in the photograph that accompanied the story.

The one point I would like to make is that we did not take the decision to go on Watchdog lightly. Rather, we felt that, after 18 months and a whole catalogue of defects, we had exhausted all other means. We had written to everyone we could think of within the housebuilder, Westbury Homes, including senior personnel. We could not find anyone sufficiently interested in sorting things out. I can honestly say that if Westbury had handled things differently we would never have gone down that route.

As a result of the Watchdog programme, all the homes on our development are to be scaffolded to enable Westbury to check the roofs and carry out any necessary works. Our neighbours are grateful to us for bringing the issue to their attention.