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    CIPS figures show construction activity in 2009 ending with a whimper


    The buyers’ body CIPS has released its first construction statistics of the New Year and they show the industry continuing to decline in December. The construction index finished the year on 47.1, below the 50 no-change mark for the 22 nd consecutive month. But there was some good news. ...

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    Does the whole GDP debate really rest on dodgy construction output figures?


    It has long been said that construction is an important bellwether in determining the shape of the nation’s economic progress. Today the performance of construction, or rather revisions to its measured performance, seemingly determined how close the UK is to recovery. The upwardly revised construction data put the nation yet ...

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    Grim outlook for jobs in UK construction


    The official figures show construction lost 67,000 jobs in the third quarter of this year. This is more than 1,000 jobs each working day and half the jobs lost to the UK economy over that period. So while there may be suggestions of more stability in the wider economy, construction ...

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    Pre-Budget Report points to more money for construction...but a much bigger fall


    Few would argue against the view that this set of Pre-Budget Report announcements has more to do with pre-electioneering that pre-budgeting. That’s fair enough. The Labour Party may not be in power to pursue its plans and, if it is after the next election, we don’t know how keen it ...

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    What Tesco sales data can tell us about the construction jobs market


    Practically all construction statistics are poor by comparison to the data in most other industries. It is not a fault of the statisticians or researchers. They have an unenviable job as the construction industry is, relatively speaking, very tricky to measure. So the best way to make sense of what ...

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    Are we witnessing an upswing in construction output? In a word: No


    So its official – the construction recession isn’t as bad as we thought. And the even better news is that the sharp fall in output at the start of this year wasn’t anywhere near as sharp as last quarter’s figures had suggested. That at least is how the national statisticians ...

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    Green shoots?


    RICS commercial property survey shows that the pace of decline has slowed and demand is marginally increasing in the office market. Of those surveyed, just 13% said new sales and lettings had fallen, compared with 71% two quarters ago, but any fall at all is still bad news. The rise ...

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    Duff jobs figures pose a threat to construction industry


    The official employment figures released today show that the construction industry has lost just 40,000 jobs. That clearly is rubbish. Were the figures accurate and were the construction output figures accurate it would suggest that as the industry has plunged into recession overall labour productivity for the construction sector has ...

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    Job vacancies in construction drop to decade low


    The latest jobless figures showing a leap of 81,000 people unemployed over the past quarter will come as little surprise to most people in the construction industry. They are seeing life getting tougher by the day, especially those with any links to house building. The major house builders have axed ...

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    A bad time for house prices to go negative


    Nationwide released its latest house price figures today showing the a 1.1 per cent rise over the past 12 months. However, it also revised its forecast for 2008 down from no change to an overall fall. This will please neither estate agents nor house builders as they put Easter ...