Designed for use in automation applications, Moeller Electric’s new easy500-POW and easy600-POW switch-mode power supplies combine wide voltage-range inputs (85 V to 264 V AC) with output protection and Class B interference rating.

The easy500-POW, which has an output of 24 V DC at 2.5 A, and the easy600-POW, with an output rating of 24 V DC at 4.2 A, are suitable for rail mounting either vertically or horizontally.

Since they project only 45 mm in front of the mounting rail, they are suitable for standard shallow enclosures alongside other rail-mounting products such as Moeller Electric’s easyControl and easyRelay controllers.

For safe, reliable operation, the units incorporate automatic overload, no-load and continuous short-circuit protection.

The power supplies provide precision-regulated outputs that are minimally affected by large changes in load or supply voltage, and they have been designed to offer long, reliable working lives, even in demanding operating conditions.

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