Timetable slipping but model should be put to members this year

The ECA and HVCA’s proposals for a converged organisation should be put to member firms in 2009.

HVCA chief executive Robert Higgs said that the two trade organisations were still creating a model that could be put before members. “I would be surprised and disappointed if, during the course of this year, we couldn’t go out to our members with a detailed model and answer their questions about it – the organisation, the funding and how it will operate. People are becoming frustrated with the timetable but we have to create a model that gives more added value than do the two associations separately.”

HVCA past president John Miller said: “My own business has over 100 years in the mechanical sector but the last 15 years have seen us offer electrical as well as mechanical services. Why? Because customers and clients have asked us to. To me it makes sense that we should seek to bring together two very strong trade associations that have also been around for over 100 years.

“Things move on and we have to respond. We have to respect history but also have to be visionary and move forward. We have to develop a model that is fit for purpose and communicate that with members. It will be the membership that decides.”