Fans manufactured by Elta Fans have been installed in the Royal Terminal complex at Kuwait International Airport.

The new terminal is for the exclusive use of the country’s A’mir and his guests when travelling abroad and important representatives of other countries when visiting the country.

Elta fans installed at Kuwait Royal Airport
Elta fans installed at Kuwait Royal Airport

The terminal will be used as a welcoming venue for the A’mir to receive and greet visiting Heads of State from all over the world.

Fans to a contract value of nearly £110,000, were supplied to Kuwait-based Kharafi National, the civil, electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractor for the project.

The terminal complex is part of a large-scale modernisation and expansion programme to improve services and to increase flight and passenger capacity at Kuwait International Airport.

The development also includes other public-private partnership opportunities such as hotels, aircraft maintenance and supply facilities and fuel stations - as well as new cargo buildings, the development and extension of the western runway and the eventual construction of a third runway.