This month

Robotic bricklaying? Come on! As a site manager I deal with problems from trades every day and unlike robots, these people actually have initiative. And think of the extra paperwork for all the plant. then there’s the breakdown theft risk. It’s a joke to think that this is viable. Some of the so-called ‘top brass’ in the industry need to spend a few years on site for a reality check.
Kain Dear

In response to our question last month: Should contractors take more responsibility for workforce health? I believe more responsibility should be placed with operatives who currently ignore health and safety advice and training.

Have read the 2019 futures piece. Most excellent, thanks! Hope you get good feedback on it. After all, the future is where we are all headed
Dave Hampton, carbon coach

Will retraining pay my mortgage? Am I the only one who thinks that Construction Manager is in Cloud Cuckooland by suggesting that we treat the worst recession in our lifetime as an opportunity to upgrade our skills?

I, like numerous colleagues who are just holding on to their jobs and fearing for our livelihoods, houses and family’s welfare, am not looking forward to unemployment, never mind using it as a chance to undertake some extra learning.

I know we must try to stay positive during this period, but I wonder whether the editor, while she is having a bit of ‘recessionary breathing space’ would care to undertake my mortgage payments.

Let’s stop this twaddle now and address the more serious issues surrounding the current economic climate that are relevant to the construction industry.
David J Mullarkey ICIOB, via email