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    Forecasts suggest some rays of hope, but huge uncertainty remains


    For those with an optimistic nature there was some good news to be seen in the latest set of industry forecasts with both the Construction Products Association and Hewes trimming how much they feel output in the industry will fall. Indeed the three forecasts came closer together in this round ...

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    Economists mark 2009 for the biggest fall in house prices


    If you bought a house in 2003 or afterwards there is a fair change that by 2013 it will be worth just the same or less than as you paid for it. That is the grimmest view taken by the forecasters at the economic consultant CEBR . However, looking at ...

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    Which "consensus" forecast do you believe?


    A few analysts were left scratching their heads following Persimmon's trading update on Monday. The uncertainty surrounded its pre-tax profit forecast of £135m-ish for 2008. According to FD Mike Killoran it was the market's consensus forecast (the average of several analysts' figures). Not according to one City number-cruncher. "Most ...