Next year’s general election could see the proposed 2010 revisions to Part L scrapped.

A Local Authority Building Control (LABC) spokesperson said that it was on track to meet the 2010 deadline.

However LABC suggested that a change in government could lead to the revisions being shelved.

The spokesperson said: “Communities and Local Government (CLG) has learnt a lot from the problems back in 2006, but with the general election on the horizon who knows? If a new government came in and they wanted to handle the built environment in a different way, there could be problems passing the revisions.”

CLG told BSD: “We just don’t know. In practical terms there’s often a continuation of policy from one administration to the next, but that is entirely down to the discretion of the incoming government. There would be nothing to stop them changing policy.”

The next general election must be held on or before June 2010.There are two windows to pass the Part L revisions, one pre election (April) and one post-election (October).

It has been reported that the 2010 revision will see a 25% reduction on 2006 levels.