Companies working with cranes are given four weeks to carry out checks on their equipment.

The Health and Safety Executive has written to suppliers and hirers requiring that they review their equipment and procedures to improve safety, Construction News has reported. The move follows last month’s inquest into a fatal crane collapse in Liverpool last year.

Firms have been asked to check with crane manufacturers whether the problem that caused the Liverpool death could affect their machines – and if so to ensure that it is remedied. Staff who operate cranes will be informed of the measures being taken by the firms to improve safety.

The news comes as Building revealed that a “health and safety blunder” photograph sent in by a reader, showing a crane driver sunbathing on a block suspended from a crane, had led to the dismissal of a Falcon Crane Hire employee. Building sent the image to Falcon, which said: “An internal investigation was immediately instigated which resulted in the crane driver being identified. On 6 August, the driver was dismissed and the HSE notified.”