James Rose

  • Who ya gonna call?

    Who ya gonna call?


    Building surveyors used to be consultancy's zeroes. Now they're its ‘building busting' heroes, as workload sky-rockets and QS practices launch specialist divisions to trade on their skills.

  • Illustration by Mike Bell

    The run of the town


    If you're quick on the draw, management buyouts are your chance to claim some territory, stamp your authority on it, and ride off into the sunset. But it's a dangerous business, and Boot Hill awaits for the unlucky and the unwary.

  • First in class: This Islington social housing refurbishment project was the first of the PFI schemes to go on site

    Camden housing PFI back on track after Treasury veto


    Stalled scheme gets go-ahead a year after being rejected - but housing sector remains reluctant to use PFI

  • Out of pocket: Liverpool may only recieve £312m over seven years

    Liverpool lashes out at cut in EU funding


    Liverpool council has strongly criticised the government for not lobbying on its behalf after it emerged that its European funding for regeneration is to be cut by two-thirds.

  • News

    Anger as council sets own sustainable homes standards


    Housebuilders say Reading council has exploited delay in introducing ODPM code to impose tougher requirements

  • Scene of the collapse: HSE investigators are on site

    HSE on site for investigation into tragic scaffold collapse


    The Health and Safety Executive is continuing its investigation into last week's fatal scaffolding collapse in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

  • What’s in your package?

    What's in your package?


    Perks, not pay, have become consultants' secret weapon in the battle to attract and retain staff. And gym memberships won't cut it any more. Bosses are giving away anything from bike loans to lifestyle management services as salary rises stagnate

  • Amy Chapman

    Just the job


    Amy Chapman tells James Rose why being a construction lawyer beats getting paid to drink wine …