Specialist Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance scheme Recolight has launched a guide to lamp recycling for the lamp industry.

The new guide was developed to provide guidance on WEEE regulation compliance, including the scope of lamps within the regulations, the environmental benefits of recycling and the various methods used to recycle safely.

Peter Lees, Recolight’s commercial manager, said: “Our Lamp Recycling Guide has been designed to be both useful and informative and includes interesting facts about lighting as well as clear guideance on complying with WEEE Regulations."

Recolight has issued the guide to its network of industry members, over 1,000 colelction points across the UK. The guide is also available via the organisation’s website at www.recolight.co.uk/.

The non-for-profit compliance scheme aims to raise awareness of the recycling regulations and “ensure that everyone in the supply chain is meeting their obligations.”

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive, introduced in 2007, places the responsibility of the disposal of WEEE items to their manufacturers and importers.