I enjoyed Chrissi McCarthy’s insightful column, illustrated by the image of the woman trapped in a wine glass – that is not just glass ceilings, but glass walls (CM June)

The CIOB is to be complimented for electing its first woman President, Li Shirong, who is an inspiration to us all and brings a truly international perspective.

I hope the UK construction industry and related professions will continue to be forward-looking in encouraging both women and men to make their mark in the industry. While there are many supportive men in senior management, we have to admit, as McCarthy explains, that some ‘dinosaurs’ have not kept up with the changes that have taken place in society. This is not only creates a barrier to women’s progression, it is also an embarrassment to the profession.

After all, the medical profession, once the bastion of male privilege, has recently announced that the majority of its graduates, and soon the majority of its practitioners too, are female, and similar trends have taken place in the legal profession and accountancy so why not construction as well?

Dr Clara Greed