As a practising mediator, I read the article about mediation by Stephen Clarke of Clarke Willmott (Management, July/August) with great interest.

Construction disputes, where the issues are rarely black and white, are prime candidates for mediation. Aside from cost benefits over litigation, the speed of resolution, flexibility in the manner of settlements, maintenance of business relationships and the retention of control over the process by the parties themselves makes for a far more satisfactory conclusion to a dispute.

However, it was disappointing to see that the CIOB was not mentioned as a mediation provider. It maintains a list of mediators, although I believe it is rarely used.

I believe the use of mediation will grow as the costs and problems associated with other dispute resolution methods continue to increase. It would be good to see the CIOB taking up the cause and promoting mediation awareness and the advantages, which can only benefit the membership in the long run.

Michael Dawson MCIOB, Cunningham Lindsey