Energy companies are facing criticism on how they currently meet their Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets (CERT).

According to lobby group the Local Government Association (LGA), energy suppliers should be doing more to help the consumer cut costs and help generate UK jobs by insulating more homes.

LGA claimed that councils across England had expressed concerns that the emissions targets are too easy and that energy companies were able to meet their commitments by sending homeowners energy saving light bulbs, saving them a mere £3 per year.

LGA is lobbying government to increase these targets so that energy companies would have to insulate more homes, a move which it claims would see 1.4m householders save £220 per year.

Paul Bettison, chair of the LGA’s environment board, said: “The failure of energy companies to really help householders cut their fuel bills is an outrage. Energy suppliers should be filling lofts and walls with insulation, not filling our cupboards with light bulbs.”

Battison also claimed that increasing the CERT and insulating more homes would create around 4,000 UK jobs.