Roxtec has developed a method of sealing cables to protect cabinets, enclosures, junction boxes and other specialised equipment

The Bury-based manufacturer’s EzEntry seals can accommodate between four and 32 cables, which can result in considerable space savings.

Speed is always of the essence, and electricians will be impressed with the fact that this lightweight product requires only one single-sided installation.

Pre-terminated cables can be fitted using the EzEntry seals, and because the installer does not have to cut and re-attach connectors, significant time savings can also be achieved in this respect.

In addition, any further disruption to the system is prevented and the risk of human error is significantly reduced.

The EzEntry seals are designed to protect against a range of potential hazards including fire, water, dust, explosion and vibration.

An Atex-approved version for hazardous-area equipment is also available within Roxtec’s range.

The products have UL approval and are IP67-rated, which aims to ensure maximum protection.

Roxtec believes cable glands could soon be redundant.