Thorn has developed a highlumen output LED version of its Cruz downlight which is aimed to open up possibilities for commercial and retail lighting

The new ratings make solid-state lighting for smaller, more elegant applications a viable alternative to compact fluorescent (CFL) in general spaces.

The downlight employs active cooling technology and gives off an improved quality of light by using a third, smaller aperture (in comparison with compact fluorescent units’ two apertures).

The Cruz LED delivers 2000 lumens, with a claimed 6% optical losses, in warm white (3000 K, 51 lm/W) or cool white (4000 K, 55 lm/W), equating to a 2 x 26 W CFL downlight. A remote yellow phosphor lens operates within an optic glare limit (UGR<19), and gives a consistent colour performance of Ra>80.

The use of active cooling technology, whereby a rapid oscillating membrane pulses turbulent air across the LED module’s cooling fins, combats conductive heat issues associated with using high-power LEDs indoors.

The downlight is Dalidimmable and delivers 100% instant light with a rated life of 50 000 hours (70% lumen maintenance).