8-9 October 2008, London Olympia

With an unparalleled insight into the latest m&e products and services, this year’s Building Services Event at London Olympia is not to be missed.

Interested in sustainability but a little overwhelmed by the constant influx of products? Our free ‘Roadmap to Sustainability’ seminars, hosted by the SummitSkills Training Academy, provide a step-by-step guide to achieving a more sustainable business.

How do you ensure sustainable design transfers effectively from drawing board to reality? What’s the best guidance you can give to occupants using the systems you’ve installed? Industry experts discuss green specification, installation and maintenance.

Why not earn yourself a few valuable continuing professional development (CPD) points at our dedicated theatre?

Visitors will receive a free guide compiled by key organisations, including the ECA, HVCA, CIBSE, Carbon Trust, FETA and BIFM. Packed with case studies, information and references, the starter pack provides a solid introduction to sustainable construction.

The event runs alongside two other exhibitions, Energy Solutions Expo and Total Workplace Management.

Olympian endeavours: What’s on show at the M&E Event

Andrews Water Heaters/ Potterton Commercial Stand C80

On the Baxi Commercial Division stand, Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial will be showcasing a range of heating and hot water solutions.

The new-look SupaFlo and SupaHeat range of water heaters and commercial boilers from Andrews features the SF60 series, which has models with outputs from 142 kW to 539 kW. The recovery rates range is 2430-9230 litres per hour, with a temperature rise of 50°C and a net efficiency of around 104%.

Potterton Commercial will be introducing Sirius SAT, a range of heat-box solutions for the provision and control of heating and hot water within each dwelling of a residential block served by a centralised plant room.

It also allows local metering of heating and hot water consumption and facilitates remote reading of metered consumption.

Cablofil Stand C95

Cablofil will be showcasing its range of steel-wire tray and related accessories as well as its new EZ-Path fire stop barrier.

In addition, the firm will be demonstrating the benefits of using its load-bearing tray in commercial and industrial applications.

Its ease of handling in restricted spaces means an entire system can be installed by one person and its high strength-to-weight ratio offers

significant time and cost savings, claims the manufacturer.

CoSaF/Breezair Stand B110

CoSaf Environments is showcasing the Breezair evaporative cooling system. The Breezair is economic to install, is said to consume less energy than conventional air-conditioning systems and enables windows to be left open.

As the temperature outside rises, the Breezair’s cooling capacity increases, ensuring that the building remains within the comfort zone. The system also supplies essential moisture.

Breezair’s components include a water distribution system that delivers continuous, balanced water and stale water is automatically drained.

The wall-mounted climate control panel has four modes, including auto and manual.

EnOcean Alliance Stand C23

EnOcean Alliance is demonstrating intelligent, energy-efficient products for wireless monitoring and control in building automation applications.

Products include an energy management device from Ivory Egg, the Synetica energy DataStream, which is an internet-connected device that uses EnOcean sensors and switches for the collection, storage and transmission of metering and environmental data.

Distech Controls will be showing its fully integrated building automation solution. The company’s programmable, application-specific controllers are fitted with an EnOcean wireless receiver, which allows the data to be sent to a web-based, multi-protocol platform.

Omnio’s radio solar presence detector, PM101, will also be on display. The device uses EnOcean PTM 200 and STM 110 transmitter modules to harvest light into electrical energy by means of a solar generator. This energy is stored in capacitors and can function for up to 36 hours in complete darkness when fully charged.

Kee Safety Stand C30

Kee Safety is introducing its new series of suspension fixings – designed, secure equipment that does not require on-site drilling or welding.

One of the highlights of the range is the Uni-Wedge universal fixing. The product allows contractors to secure struts for cable trays, suspended ceilings and pipework supports to decking profiles without penetrating the decking membrane.

It requires only a standard hexagon key and spanner, so there is no need for power or highly skilled labour to be used.

BL flange clamps will also be on display. They can be used for fixing down the lids of pressure vessels or clamping steel together without the need for drilling or welding. The malleable iron fixings are also suitable for suspending threaded bars from steelwork flanges.

Kem Edwards Stand C111

New products on show at the Kem Edwards stand include the recently launched on-site materials handling and storage range, expanded prefabrication services and the latest framing systems from Big Foot.

The range of material-handling carts, trolleys and mobile storage cabinets makes managing site supplies easier, quicker and more secure, claims Kem Edwards.

Saving time and skills required for cutting and assembling supports on site, the dedicated prefabrication facility also reduces waste. By working to a customer’s schedule, Kem Edwards can make a fully palletised delivery of prefabricated support assemblies.

Lapp Stand B41

Lapp is demonstrating several new products at this year’s M&E Event, including a control cable for use in very cold environments, a rubber sheathed cable, designed to withstand the twisting associated with wind turbines, and a cable for roof-to-cellar solar panel applications.

Visitors will also be able to view additions to the Olflex Classic 130 H and 135 CH range of cables. The collection now includes a higher-voltage version, rated up to 600/1000 V.

LG Stand C154

LG’s stand will be stacked with the latest products from the VRF range of Multi V air-conditioning products, along with the latest in the Art Cool range.

In particular, the firm will be exhibiting examples of Art Cool Gallery and Mirror Multi V mini, with the AC Smart controller, new cassettes and up-to-the-minute controls software for LG’s VRF ranges.

The Multi V range of compressors and fan motors is energy-efficient and driven by DC inverters.

The range is up to 10 dB quieter in operation than equivalent capacity conventional systems, claims the manufacturer.

Marshall-Tufflex Stand C61

Marshall-Tufflex is unveiling Odyssey Bio, an all-curved cable management solution treated with a silver-based, anti-bacterial formulation that neutralises harmful and potentially deadly bugs in demanding healthcare environments such as hospitals.

The agent is mixed into the PVC-U, rather than applied as a surface coating, so it continues to work even if the plastic is scratched or damaged.

MK Electric Stand C45

MK Electric is exhibiting its range of self-powered switches, which it recently launched.

The Echo range is entirely wireless and battery-free. It harvests tiny amounts of ambient energy to wirelessly operate lighting at ranges of up to 30 m within buildings.

Benefits include near-instant switch installation, total location flexibility of light switches within buildings and easy relocation and re-installation.

The switches prove a suitable solution where invasive channelling of walls is not permitted, such as in listed or historic buildings.

SummitSkills Training Academy: Roadmap to Sustainability

Day one: 8 October

9:45 – 11:15
Sustainable from the start: the role of the contractor in energy-efficient buildings
Chair: David Pollock, ECA Group chief executive officer

11:30 – 13:00
The big debate: Why aren’t sustainable buildings happening?
Chair: Robert Higgs, chief executive of the HVCA
Contributors: HVCA, ECA, CIBSE

Lunch 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 15:30
Sustainable and usable – building for the environment and occupants

  • The user’s view: what facilities managers want from a sustainable building – Ian Fielder, BIFM
  • Functional and sustainable: school buildings show how these two aspects can be reconciled. – Martin Stone, business development director, apollo Construction
  • Sustainable buildings: thinking ahead – Ant Wilson, Faber Maunsell and CIBSE

15:40 – 16:45
Start as you mean to go on – commissioning for energy-efficient buildings

  • Remembering why we commission buildings- Examines the latest requirements and guidance on this all-important part of the construction process.
  • Commissioning: not just for new buildings - As Energy Performance Certificates are introduced, we take a look at the recommissioning process.

Day two: 9 October

9:45 – 11:15
Measure, meter and monitor
Chair: Doug Robins, president, Building Controls Industry Association
The implications of new legislation on energy monitoring. Includes a look at the latest control strategies.
Panel: Chris Monson (Trend), Steve Harrison (Johnson Controls), David Kitching (Siemens).

11:30 – 13:00
Approaches to energy-efficient cooling for today’s buildings
Chair: David Pollock, ECA Group chief executive officer
Panel: Mike Nankivell (Space Air Conditioning), Mike Sullivan (CoSaf Environments), Martin Poyner (Coolmation), Simon O’Hea (Colt).

Lunch 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 15:30
Sustainable homes: targets and technology

  • The Code for Sustainable Homes explained (BRE)
  • New approaches to heating homes – heat pumps (Mitsubishi)

15:40 – 16:45
Going green: modelling for successful sustainable buildings

  • New tools for higher standards of sustainability – Dr Ben Cartmell, SouthFacing
  • Modelling for predictable performance in sustainable buildings – Sarah Graham, IES -Explains how modelling can help reduce poor performance when working with innovative design techniques or renewables.