Hager claims to have launched the largest single-row consumer unit in the UK

The 24-module, split-load board has a 100 A switch and two RCCBs, in addition to configurable outgoing ways for RCBOs.

The consumer unit has up to 18 configurable outgoing ways, allowing a range of circuit combinations. It also has plenty of height for fitting RCBOs if required.

The board has been designed to meet an increasing need for more outgoing circuits. Many modern houses now feature underfloor heating and multiple bathrooms.

The introduction of the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations means that more modules are needed for twin RCCB protection, and boards need extra height to accommodate RCBOs in case they are required for individual RCD protection.

One answer is to install two row boards, but this is not always practical due to space.

Commenting on the product, Hager project manager Steven Dyson says: “The advent of the 17th Edition means that the contractor has to take even more care in designing their final circuit layouts to avoid nuisance tripping.

“Configurable boards give them the flexibility to do that.”