Join in the summer fun and celebrate London's built heritage at the same time by taking part in “It's An Architectural Knockout”

“It's An Architectural Knockout” looks set to be a highlight of the London Festival of Architecture this summer.

While Lord Foster is almost certainly not going to come dressed as the Gherkin, nor Will Alsop as Peckham Library, a number of other architects will be making fools of themselves on Clerkenwell Green on 20 July by clambering over an obstacle course while dressed as buildings.

Professionals from architectural-related fields are invited to take part in the remake of the popular Seventies TV show, It's a Knockout, featuring tests of team endurance and obstacle courses with themes including sustainability, demolition, construction and accessibility.

Teams of four will design and create a costume based on a London landmark of their choice to wear on the day of the contest. The choice of landmark will need to be approved and the costume made in advance of the contest. Teams are encouraged to use recycled materials to construct their costumes, which will be marked for inventiveness, flexibility and durability.

The contest will be presided over by a panel of “star judges”, say the event's organisers, who stress that wherever possible ease of manoeuvre along the obstacle courses will be significantly hampered by props and rules that remind everyone just how frustrating it can be to get a building built in London.

The event is part of the London Festival of Architecture being held in association with Design for London from this Friday until to 20 July. Further information can be found at the website at London Festival of Architecture.

Anyone who wishes to take part in “It's An Architectural Knockout” should contact: