‘Vigorous’ construction markets across Europe help balance a slowdown in US growth as nine-month sales top €30bn

Saint-Gobain sales figures have been boosted by new European energy regulations. The materials giant said that sales in ‘vigorous’ European construction markets had helped to counter the slowdown in the US housing market.

Saint-Gobain increased sales by 20.1% for the first nine months of 2006 to €30,025 (£20bn). It said that acquisitions had accounted for 12.8% of the growth and organic growth for the period was 6.3%.

The gypsum division, created when BPB was purchased last year, posted a sales growth of 13.3%

Saint-Gobain said the interior building solutions businesses were particularly strong and that growth was being particularly driven by new residential and commercial construction and renovation spending.

Across Europe Saint-Gobain said France markets remained buoyant while other Western nations, and Germany in particular, were experiencing an upswing in growth. In the US growth slowed to 2.2% in the final quarter.