Livingston firm Consolidate is fined for health and safety breaches following accident on drilling rig

Scottish groundworks firm Consolidate has been fined £3500 for health and safety breaches following a drilling accident in May last year.

Livingston-based Consolidate pleaded guilty to safety breaches in Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court on Friday. The case followed an accident to an employee, who sustained multiple fractures to both arms and a broken elbow after becoming entangled with the drill string on a drilling rig.


HSE inspector Hazel Yuill said: “This was a particularly nasty accident and could have been totally avoided if the correct health and safety procedures had been followed.”

“The HSE welcomes the fine and hopes that it will act as a stiff reminder to all companies using drilling equipment and other heavy machinery that they are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees. They should act before it’s too late.”