Sir Peter Shepheard, who worked in architecture, planning and landscape design, has died aged 88.
A founding partner of London-based architect and landscape architect, Shepheard Epstein Hunter, he served as president of the Architectural Association (1954-5), of the Institute of Landscape Architects (1965-6) and of the RIBA (1969-71). He was knighted in 1980.

Shepheard Epstein Hunter earned a reputation for well-designed schools, university buildings and housing estates around England.

Sir Peter's brand of pragmatic, humane modernism is best exemplified in the masterplan for the University of Lancaster, designed from 1964 onwards.

In the campus, flexible, mixed-use buildings are compactly arranged around a linear pedestrian spine, leaving vehicular access on the outside.

Its centrepiece is a large paved piazza that is shielded from winds and traffic and to which the academic community instinctively gravitates.

  • Henry Swain, one of UK's foremost exponents of modular construction, has died aged 82.

    At Nottinghamshire council, where he worked from 1955 to 1988, the past 24 years as chief architect, he designed a lightweight steel-framed building system for schools known as the Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme or CLASP. The system was widely adopted by education authorities.