This worker appears to be acting as the temporary green man while changing the light fitting on a dangerous road junction

Safety blunder

Thanks to Darrall Bishop for this image.

He says: " As luck has it I had my camera with me the other morning when crossing this very busy and notoriously dangerous cross roads on a major road junction in Manchester, to which the traffic lights were being replaced after being knocked over by a speeding car the previous day.

"Check out the dardevil workman balancing on top of flimsy step ladder a good 3.5m in the air. The ladder looked like it was going to topple any minute, the traffic had not been stopped and some cars were hitting this bend at least 20-30 miles an hour.

Perhaps with his light green high viz vest he thought is duty was to act as the green man on the crossing whilst the new light fitting was installed? On the other hand he might have been trying to tell car drivers it was go go go .....