Building's architectural editor moves on to pastures new after 31 years on the magazine

This week saw the departure from Building of architecutural editor Martin Spring. Martin had been with Building for a grand total of 31 years – an impressive achievement in any job, but especially so in journalism.

There are few architects of any note who have not had one of their buildings visited or reviewed by Martin, and his knowledge and advice will be missed by all of us here at Building.

Martin will be continuing to write for us on occasion though, and no doubt his new career as a freelance will see his name pop up in publications across the architectural spectrum. We wrote a poem to commemorate his 31 years’ service on the magazine.

On Building Mag in ‘78,
A man of architecture great
Became employed - a gentle king,
Now known to us as Martin Spring.

Full thirty years his pen did scratch.
Amongst his peers he had no match,
A Pevsner for the builder class
Well-used to steel and brick and glass

His writings brought him wide acclaim
From those within the building game.
His style was probing yet polite
His manner firm, his critique light.

He outlasted generations
Viewing architects’ creations.
Known for bike and facial hair,
And loved by female PRs fair.

But so it goes, all things will end,
Now Martin for himself must fend.
The fat lady has not quite sung
But sadly, Mr Spring has sprung.

Of this sad parting we should not dwell
Except to pause and wish him well
He’ll carry on (he’s come this far!)
Sic transit Building’s gloria

Martin Spring