Ex-Redrow boss Steve Morgan said that Liverpool FC's refusal to consider a deal exposed failure at management and board level.
Former Redrow boss Steve Morgan has hit out at the board of Liverpool FC, after his £73m attempt to buy into the club appeared to have ended.

Speaking to Building this afternoon (Monday), Morgan commented: "It was pretty apparent that the board was not willing to speak to me about any kind of deal. If nothing else I hope I have highlighted the failures at management and board levels."

Liverpool chairman David Moores turned down Morgan's offer, where he would have underwritten a new share issue, last week arguing that it undervalued the club. Moores also turned down a £50m investment proposal from Morgan in March.

Following a weekend of deliberation, it appears that Morgan has conceded defeat in his attempt to buy his way on to the Liverpool board. The club is set to accept a rival bid from Thailand prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, under which he will take a 30% stake.

Gartson-born Morgan believes that supporters do not want the Thai prime minister to gain any kind of foothold at the club. He said: "For the supporters it was a choice between a home grown lad who has been a fan all of his life or a Thai prime minister who can't name the players."

Morgan was mobbed by cheering Liverpool fans at the club's last game of the season against Newcastle on Saturday. He said of the incident: "I felt very mixed emotions. I don't actually particularly like all this publicity. It feels strange for me to have that kind of reception."

Morgan is issuing a press release detailing his plans this evening. It was speculated that Morgan might announce an increased offer, but his comments suggest that he has given up hope of reaching agreement with the board.

Some industry observers have argued that Liverpool's board should have considered Morgan's offer, as his expertise in construction and property development alone would be a strong asset for the board. The club is trying to develop a new stadium, but plans for this have been delayed.

An industry source said: "If nothing happens with Morgan and the club it has missed out on the expertise he would be bringing to the table for free. Looking at the plans, they (the club) are making an awful hash of it. They're amateurs. They don't have any leadership."