Network Rail develop paint which lasts for 30 years to complete famous “never-ending” task

Painting the Forth Bridge has long been a metaphor for a job that can never be completed. According to the enduring myth, the size and condition of the steel bridge is such that by the time one end of it is painted, the other end will already need a fresh coat.

But engineers at Network Rail have come up with a solution to the problem, and foresee that the Forth Bridge will finally be painted in 2011.

According to the Scotsman, Network Rail have developed a long-lasting paint that means when the current application is completed in 2011, most of the structure will not need to be painted again for thirty years.

A team of 200 workers has been working since 2002 to apply a “glass flake epoxy” paint, similar to that used to paint oil rigs.

A spokesperson for Network Rail told the newspaper: “2011 is now the preferred date and things are moving towards completing the job then.”