THE Royal Fine Art Commission has strongly criticised the Prudential's revised proposals for a £350m redevelopment of Knightsbridge Green in London.

In a letter to the Prudential, RFAC chairman Lord St John of Fawsley said the commission "deplored" elements of the proposals.

Fawsley also reiterated RFAC criticism of housing designed by SMC Zeidler Roberts on Lancelot Place and Brompton Road, which it says "will only be acceptable if the terraces are inhabited and planted". But the RFAC welcomed a new design by Richard Hordern Associates working with SMC Zeidler Roberts for office and retail building on another corner of the site.

In general, the commission still felt Prudential's proposals to redevelop the 1.8 ha site on a piecemeal basis were "less satisfactory than comprehensive redevelopment to a really high standard".