The CIOB has launched a free online video to help companies and individuals identify and tackle corruption and fraud.

The latest in the institute’s series of ‘Are you ready…?’ online broadcasts highlights the effects corruption and fraud can have and explains key preventative measures that can be adopted to tackle the problem. These include training, anti-corruption programmes, awareness-raising, and how and where to implement the measures across a business.

‘The World Bank has recognised that $1 trillion is lost to the industry through corruption and that’s only bribes,’ says chief executive Chris Blythe. ‘Corruption appears in many states and guises and at various stages in the cycle, from design and planning even to production, whether it’s materials being stolen on site, false invoicing or price fixing.’

The advice is designed to support professionals, as well as younger employees coming into the industry and encountering corruption for the first time. Industry experts from the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre, the Fraud Advisory Panel, Metropolitan Police and KPMG also offer guidance on how to adopt best practice ethical business standards and how to implement anti-corruption systems across businesses.