While honoured to be included in your survey of influential figures (BSj 30th anniversary issue, 09.08), I would like to pay tribute to the many fine students I have had at Loughborough, Bath and Reading universities over the years.

Klaus Bode, referred to by Jayde Auston in your October issue, was certainly one, but others included Neil Pennell, Steven Hodkinson and Michael Carver, as well as Patrick Bellew, Guy Battle and many more.

I was also glad to see one of my principal mentors, Ted Happold, remembered – for many, he will never be forgotten. On the international front, Ole Fanger was outstanding, and for those of us who worked with him or with researchers originating in his energy and environmental centre in Denmark, it continues to be a rewarding experience.

Derek Clements-Croome, Professor of Construction Engineering, School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading