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    Official figures show construction output falling again, but devils lurk in the detail


    Construction output slumped back into decline in the final quarter of 2009, after a supposed rise out of recession in summer. That is the headline story from today’s release of the construction output figures . But dig a bit deeper and we see some unsettling implications in the numbers. Firstly ...

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    What Tesco sales data can tell us about the construction jobs market


    Practically all construction statistics are poor by comparison to the data in most other industries. It is not a fault of the statisticians or researchers. They have an unenviable job as the construction industry is, relatively speaking, very tricky to measure. So the best way to make sense of what ...

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    Are we witnessing an upswing in construction output? In a word: No


    So its official – the construction recession isn’t as bad as we thought. And the even better news is that the sharp fall in output at the start of this year wasn’t anywhere near as sharp as last quarter’s figures had suggested. That at least is how the national statisticians ...