It is a huge honour to step into the role of president of the ECA, and one I take up with great enthusiasm

I would firstly like to thank my predecessor, Allan Littler, for all his hard work during his presidency, and acknowledge his contribution in what has undoubtedly been a difficult year.

The economic conditions are continuing to take their toll, and as a result, innovation is more important than ever. Implementing smarter ways of working through the entire supply chain should be an urgent priority, and it is essential members’ commitment to best practice is not compromised by financial constraints.

During my term in office, I will be focusing on sustainability; ensuring that members are equipped to meet the demands of the government’s agenda, including changes to legislation. Training is another priority, and it must be continual in order for firms to remain competitive and safeguard the future of the sector.

While there are many challenges facing us, there is also a wide range of opportunities. I look forward to working closely with members, supporting them not only in meeting the changing needs of the industry, but also in taking a greater leadership role and, as a consequence, influencing innovative ways of working.