Even with a downturn in business looming, most ECA contractors can be successful. With the credit crunch consistently making headlines, I want all members to know that the ECA is always on hand to talk through any business concerns you may have.

We have a truly comprehensive service, with a variety of helplines designed to provide members with advice on contracts, legal issues, industrial relations or technical queries.

Alongside this, improving communications and ensuring the ‘lines are open’ are high on my agenda. The ECA has recently introduced a monthly electronic newsletter for members, which aims to provide industry news and share useful tools that we hope will help you develop and protect your businesses.

In addition, the quarterly market updates and regular member surveys are there to keep you abreast of the developing situation. Now more than ever it’s important to work together as an industry.

Continuing with the communications agenda, ECA Group chief executive officer David Pollock and I will be entering into discussions with members in a series of regional one-day and weekend member conferences for the next three months. Members can question us on any of their concerns or issues.

As an industry, through good communication and by working together we can weather this storm. Remember, it’s not all doom and gloom. Looking to the future, the sustainability agenda is creating opportunities, especially with energy efficiency, and of course the 2012 Olympics is fast approaching.

If the electrical industry can grab the opportunities these will present, it won’t just be Team GB walking away triumphantly.

Allan Littler