Sustainability remains high on the government’s agenda, with an ambitious 80% reduction target in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Although legislation to improve energy efficiency in new-build properties is important, there are more opportunities in the refurbishment market to ensure we meet the target

In the current financial climate,maximising the opportunities presented by existing buildings should be a priority. Simple measures, such as installing timers and sensors for heating and lighting, can help clients make savings and substantially reduce their energy consumption. While installing renewable-energy systems such as solar panels can have long payback times, demand for this type of technology will only increase over time.

Similarly, contractors should also review their own energy use, identify the areas of inefficiency and implement measures to counteract this. Doing so can save money and also help contractors develop their skills and knowledge in this area, which can then be demonstrated to clients. More information can be found on M&E Sustainability’s website:

By diversifying into this market during this challenging time, I believe contractors can ensure they stay competitive, and will be in an optimum position to take advantage of the eventual economic upturn.