Multidisciplinary consultancy Ramboll has acquired building services company RYB: Konsult for an undisclosed amount

This is the first acquisition by Ramboll UK. The purchase marks the start of a new style of growth as the firm strives to become a major force in UK consulting.

Crispin Matson, director of RYB: Konsult, has been appointed head of building services for Ramboll UK.

According to Matson, he and Ramboll managing director Charles McBeath discussed the takeover a year ago, seeing the move as mutually beneficial.

Matson said: “Ramboll is interested in expanding its offering and we can complement their M&E team, which is traditionally strong in regions like Glasgow and Manchester but not so much in London, where we’re based.”

Matson said that with RYB: Konsult’s increasing involvement in projects involving large-scale renewables it would be beneficial to learn from Ramboll’s expertise.

“RYB: Konsult has onsite renewables expertise but less off site. Off site is where the industry is going and Ramboll has a huge amount of expertise in that area.”