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    Does the whole GDP debate really rest on dodgy construction output figures?


    It has long been said that construction is an important bellwether in determining the shape of the nation’s economic progress.Today the performance of construction, or rather revisions to its measured performance, seemingly determined how close the UK is to recovery.The upwardly revised construction data put the nation yet closer to ...

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    Are we witnessing an upswing in construction output? In a word: No


    So its official – the construction recession isn’t as bad as we thought. And the even better news is that the sharp fall in output at the start of this year wasn’t anywhere near as sharp as last quarter’s figures had suggested.That at least is how the national statisticians might ...

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    Christmas sales come to the housing market


    It's the run up to Christmas and we're in a recession - well if not technically, we're definitely suffering from the recession - so don't be surprised to see redundancies on the rise and asking prices for homes on the decline. It is the nature of things.And in this regard ...

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    Falling construction helps hold UK in recession


    An estimated fall of 1.1% in construction output in the third quarter of this year has helped to hold the UK economic growth in recessionary territory.Much to the surprise of many analysts the UK economy appears to have remained in recession, with GDP output falling 0.4% in the three months ...

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    Forecasts suggest some rays of hope, but huge uncertainty remains


    For those with an optimistic nature there was some good news to be seen in the latest set of industry forecasts with both the Construction Products Association and Hewes trimming how much they feel output in the industry will fall.Indeed the three forecasts came closer together in this round of ...

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    How much has the recession cost house builders? um...


    During a conversation with a colleague on the recent spate of cash calls by house builders I was quizzed on how much damage the recession had done to their balance sheets.I made a stab (a lucky guess as it turned out), but I should have had a number at my ...

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    Hold on to your cash


    You know you are too old for a recession when you measure how well we are doing not by profit versus loss, but by the speed at which we are approaching the abyss. It really does not matter, because whatever the scenario, things are still getting worse. Yet somehow ...

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    And the slump goes on …


    The UK economy shrank by another 0.8% in the second quarter, according to preliminary figures. While the drop was markedly slower than the 2.4% decline in the first quarter of this year, it was still a much sharper contraction than many analysts had hoped for. It also marked the fifth ...

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    Little respite from the worse recession on record


    Despite all the talk of “green shoots” over the last few months, it was apparent that this recession was going to be harsh from the offset and our forecasts for the industry over past year have suggested this. This week sees the release of our latest forecasts and it makes ...

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    Duff jobs figures pose a threat to construction industry


    The official employment figures released today show that the construction industry has lost just 40,000 jobs.That clearly is rubbish.Were the figures accurate and were the construction output figures accurate it would suggest that as the industry has plunged into recession overall labour productivity for the construction sector has fallen by ...

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    5 reasons why we might be facing the mother of all construction recessions


    It's coming around to the construction forecasting season again and the industry prognosticators will be gathering to discuss the ups and downs of the industry.If I were you, I'd be bracing myself for some pretty savage revisions to what already look like pretty savage forecasts.Peak to trough in the 90's ...

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    NHBC figures show new home starts down 47% in 2008


    The number of NHBC registrations to start building new homes fell to 106,894 in 2008, a drop of 47% on a year earlier.But it is the comparison of the final quarter of 2008 with that of 2007 that brings the true scale of the trauma in the house building market ...

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    Construction firms owe £30 billion to trade creditors


    I am in the midst of putting together data for the Contract Journal Construction Top 100 and there were a couple of figures I thought worth sharing that have come out of some analysis on trade debt and credit.From the number crunching I am doing I have estimated that construction ...

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    Construction boom forecast to slump


    The latest forecast from Hewes & Associates is not one that will fill the faint hearted with comfort as they return to work from their Easter break.Hewes's rather bleak take on the prospects for UK construction suggests that the industry is heading for a fairly prolonged recession taking output in ...