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    Construction redundancies remain high while vacancies remain low


    As the real business of governing the UK begins to wind up again, the latest employment figures will do little to cheer the incoming government as it prepares to put chalk marks on where deep public sector cuts will be made.The overall figures showed the rise of unemployment continuing above ...

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    Victim of construction's mass redundancies?


    Here’s a story: A woman called Amy Betts-Priddy was made redundant by Turner & Townsend last year. Rather than just accept it, she took the firm to an employment tribunal last week, claiming unfair dismissal, racial discrimination and sex discrimination. At the hearing she told the tribunal panel:- She was ...

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    Fewer redundancy in construction, but the future remains bleak on jobs


    For the optimists in the construction industry there is much hope to be gleaned from the latest employment figures.Equally for the pessimists there is plenty within the numbers to fret about.So what should we make of the latest batch of labour market numbers that, among other things, show that 163,000 ...

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    Redundancies in construction jump to 170,000 over 12 months


    The latest employment figures show a continued shocking rate of redundacies in construction with another 42,000 jobs shed from the industry in the second quarter of this year.That makes a total of 170,000 recorded job losses over the past 12 months.The number of redundancies was slightly down on the previous ...

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    Figures show more Eastern Europeans are giving up on the UK


    The post credit crunch squeeze on the UK economy does appear to be encouraging more Eastern Europeans to call it a day and return home according to the latest information produced by the official statisticians at ONS.This does fit with the anecdotal evidence which suggests that the weak pound and ...

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    Job vacancies in construction drop to decade low


    The latest jobless figures showing a leap of 81,000 people unemployed over the past quarter will come as little surprise to most people in the construction industry. They are seeing life getting tougher by the day, especially those with any links to house building.The major house builders have axed about ...

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    Media plays down housing crisis - 160,000 house building jobs to go


    Not a headline you might expect. And let's hope the house building industry doesn't shed 160,000 jobs, but it is looking ever more likely.First let's get one thing out of the way. The media is blamed for hyping the crisis we now find ourselves in. To hold that view is ...